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"You are the pioneers of today, pulling every one forward with you." -Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

Yehuda Shoham was born in Shiloh, and at the age of only 5 months met his death near Shiloh. The youngest victim of Arab terrorism, Yehuda was also buried in Shiloh.

The love exhibited by the residents of Shiloh, and friends and people from all over Israel, encouraged Batsheva and Benny Shoham, Yehuda's young parents, to establish a fund in their son's memory dedicated to strengthening the community and enriching the Land of Israel.

The Yehuda Fund was established in January 2002, shortly following Yehuda's death. The Fund works with friends and donors around the world to design and implement projects that can make an essential difference in the quality of life for Shiloh's residents.
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