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June 5th, 2001. Just a few minutes from Batsheva and Benny Shoham's home in Shiloh, terrorists hurled a boulder at their car, striking their only child, five-month old Yehuda on the head. "He has a few minutes, maybe hours to live" was the medical prognosis. The family joined together to pray for Yehuda's life. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon prayed at the baby's bedside. The nation prayed, too.

June 11th. Yehuda passed away, becoming the youngest Jewish victim of Arab terrorism. He was but five months old.

Batsheva and Benny pledged to channel the galvanization of the nation's empathy directed towards Yehuda and his family to the betterment of the lives of Shiloh's residents.

The Yehuda Fund is dedicated to these efforts.